Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blu-ray vs HD DVD

Companies listed as Members, Associate Members, or Contributors
(may include duplicates and/or subsidiaries)
Blu-Ray HD DVD
1K Studios, LLC
Acer Incorporated
Adobe Systems
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Allion Test Labs, Inc.
Almedio Inc.
Alpine Electronics Inc.
Aplix Corporation
ArcSoft, Inc.
Arima Devices Corporation
ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
ASV Corp.
AudioDev AB
Avid Development GmbH
B&W Group
B.H.A. Corporation
BluFocus Inc.
Bose Corporation
Brickbox Digital Media
Broadcom Corporation
Canon Inc.
Cheertek Inc.
China Hualu Group Co., Ltd.
Cinram Manufacturing Inc.
CMC Magnetics Corporation
Corel Corporation
Cryptography Research Inc.
Custom Technology Inc.
CustomFlix Labs, Inc.
CyberLink Corp.
D&M holdings, Inc.
D-Box Technologies Inc.
Daewoo Electronics Corporation
Daikin Industries, Ltd.
DATARIUS Technologies GmbH
Daxon Technology Inc.
DCA Inc.
Deluxe Media Services Inc.
Dolby Laboratories Inc.
Dr. Schwab Inspection Technology GmbH
Dreamer Co., Ltd.
DTS, Inc.
Eclipse Data Technologies
Elpida Memory, Inc.
Expert Magnetics Corp.
Falcon Technologies International
FUJIFILM Corporation
Fujitsu Ltd.
Fujitsu Ten Ltd.
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
GalleryPlayer Media Networks
Gear Software
General Members
Gibson Guitar Corp.
Global Machinery Co., Ltd.
Gowell Electronic Limited
Hie Electronics, Inc.
Hoei Sangyo Co., Ltd
Horizon Semiconductor.
Imation Corp.
Info Source Multi Media Ltd.
INFODISC Technology Co., Ltd.
Infomedia Inc.
Intersil Corporation
Iwatsu Test Instruments
Kenwood Corporation
Kobe Steel Co. Ltd.
Konica Minolta Opto Inc.
Lauda Co. Ltd.
Lead Data Inc.
LINTEC Corporation
Lionsgate Entertainment
LITE-ON IT Corporation
Macrovision Corp.
Magnum Semiconductor, Inc.
MainConcept AG
MediaTek Inc.
Meridian Audio Ltd.
MIT Technology Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co.Ltd.
Mitsui Chemicals Inc.
Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.
Monster Cable Products
Moser Baer India Limited
MoSys Incorporated
Must Technology Co., Ltd.
MX Production Services
NEC Electronics Corporation
NEC Personal Products Ltd.
Netflix Inc.
Newtech Infosystems Inc.
NexWave Solutions
NHK Technical Services, Inc.
Nichia Corporation
Nikkatsu Corporation
NTT Electronics Corporation
nVidia Corporation
OC Oerlikon Balzer AG
Omnibus Japan Inc.
Onkyo Corporation
Online Media Technologies Ltd.
Ono Sokki Co., Ltd.
OPT Corporation
Optodisc Technology Corporation
Origin Electric Co., Ltd.
Osmosys SA
Pico House
Pixela Corporation
Plannet Associates
PoINT Software & Systems GmbH
Pony Canyon Enterprise
Primera Technology, Inc.
Prodisc Technology Inc.
Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd.
Q-TEC, Inc.
Quanta Storage Inc.
Quantized Systems
Realtek Semiconductors
Ricoh Co., Ltd.
Rimage Corporation
Ritek Corporation
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
ShibaSoku Co. Ltd.
Sigma Designs Inc.
Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation
Singulus Technologies
Sonic Solutions
Sony BMG Music Entertainment
ST Microelectronics
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.,
Targray Technology International Inc.
TEAC Corporation
Teijin Chemicals Ltd.
Texas Instruments, Inc.
The Cannery
THX Ltd.
Toei Video Company Ltd.
Toho Company, Ltd.
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.
TOPTICA Photonics AG
Trailer Park
UmeDisc Ltd.
Universal Music Group, Inc.
Victor Company of Japan, Ltd.
VideACE Inc.
Visionare Corporation
Yamaha Corporation
Yokogawa Electric Corporation
Zentek Technology Japan, Inc.
ZOOtech Ltd.
Zoran Corporation
Acer Inc.
ACSES Co.,Ltd.
Ad Seeds Co.,Ltd
Allion Test Labs, Inc.
Almedio Inc.
Alpine Electronics, Inc.
Altech Ads Co.
ArcSoft, Inc
AudioDev AB
B.H.A Corporation
Bandai Visual Co.
BEKO Elektronik
Broadcom Corporation
Canon Inc.
CDN Corporation
Clariant Japan
CMC Magnetics Corporation
Corel Corporation
CyberLink Corp
D&M Holdings Inc.
Daikin Industries,ltd.
Daxon Technology Inc.
Dedicated Devices, Inc.
DigiOn, Inc.
Digital Site Corporation
Disc Labo Corp.
Dolby Labs, Japan
Dr. Schwab Inspection Technology GmbH
DT Japan, Inc.
DTS, Inc.
Ebistrade, Inc.
Entertainment Network Inc.
Exa International
Expert Magnetics Corp.
Finepack . Co.,LTD
Fuji Photo Film Co.
Fuji Plastic Co.
Fuji Seiki Co.
Fujitsu Limited.
Funai Electric Co.
Gear Software, Inc
Gibson Musical Instruments
GM Records
Hamamatsu Metrix co.,ltd.
Hitachi Corporation
Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.
Hoei Sangyo Co.
Imation Corp
Info Source Multi Media Korea Ltd.
Infodisc Technology Co.
Intel Corporation
Jp Co., Ltd
Justsystem Corporation
Kadokawa Holdings, Inc.
Kaleidescape, Inc.
Kenwood Corporation
Kinyosha Printing Co.
Konica Minolta Opto, Inc.
Lenovo Japan
McRay Corporation
Megan Media Holdings Bhd
Microsoft Corporation
Mitomo Co., Ltd
Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co., Ltd. / Verbatim
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Moser Baer India Ltd
Nero AG
NetBlender, Inc.
NHK Technical Services, INC.
Nichia Corporation
Nihonvtr Inc.
Nikkatsu Corporation
nixbu Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG
Oerlikon Japan Co., Ltd.
Omnibus Japan
Onken Corporation
Onkyo Corporation
Online Media Technologies Ltd.
Origin Electric Co.
Outpost FX (AB) International
Paramount Home Entertainment
Pegasys, Inc.
Pico House Co.,Ltd
Pixela Corporation
Plasmon OMS Sarl
Pony Canyon Inc.
PonyCanyon Enterprise INC.
Proboxx, Inc
Prodisc Technology Inc.
Protron Digital Inc.
Pryaid Records Inc.
Pulstec Industrial Co.
Query inc
Ricoh Co.
Ritek Corporation
Sanken Media Product Co., Ltd.
Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation
Sonic Solutions
Sonopress GmbH
Sumitomo Heavy Industries. Ltd
Super Vision, Inc.
Taiyo Yuden Co.
Teac Corporation
Teijin Chemicals Ltd.
Toei Video Co.
Toemi Media Solutions Limited
Toho Company, Limited.
tokyo laboratory ltd.
Toppan Printing Co.
Toptica Photonics AG
Toyo Recording Co.
Transmix Co.
Trendy Corporation
U-Tech Media Corp.
Ulead Systems, Inc.
Universal Pictures
Vap Inc.
Visionare Corporation
Warner Home Video Inc.

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