Saturday, January 1, 2011

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking (2010) HD

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking (TV Series 2010) HD

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking is a 2010 science documentary television mini-series written by British physicist Stephen Hawking. The series was created for Discovery Channel by Darlow Smithson Productions and features computer generated imagery of the universe created by Red Vision. The series premiered on 9 April 2010 in the United States and started on 9 May 2010 in the United Kingdom with a modified title, Stephen Hawking's Universe (not to be confused with the 1997 PBS series by the same name).

An original soundtrack was composed for the series by television and film composer Sheridan Tongue, combining symphonic orchestral recordings with electronic and sampled elements. The score was recorded and mixed in 5.1 surround sound for HD broadcast and DVD and Blu-ray release.

Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking: Trailer (Discovery Channel Documentary April 2010)

Download (m720p Bluray): the Universe 2010.E01 Aliens.m720p.mkv.file the Universe 2010.E03-The Story of Everything.m720p.mkv.file



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  4. I recorded this whole series on my DVR; it is absolutely intriguing and so captivating in HD! It’s almost overwhelming with so much information, amazing music, and such great CGI!! It makes me grateful that my employee subscription is to DISH Network and not another company like DirecTV because DISH offers more HD channels.

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