Saturday, March 12, 2011

Optoma HD66 720p DLP Home Theater Projector

The HD66 is a bright little package, rated at 2500 lumens maximum. Now, the HD66 is marketed as a 720p projector, since that is the maximum resolution at which it can display 3D content. However, it has a 1280x800 DLP chip, so not only can it display native HD 720p, but it can also display computer signals in 1024x768 and 1280x800 without compression as well. It will display HD 1920x1080p/60 in compressed form. It cannot display 24p natively, but it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between 60p and 24p even on native 1080p projectors.

Street Price (USD) : $644
MSRP (USD) :      **
Brightness (Lumens) : 2500 ANSI
Contrast (Full On/Off) : 4000:1
Variable Iris: No
Audible Noise: 32.0 dB
Eco-Mode: 30.0 dB
Weight: 2.3 kg
Size (cm) (HxWxD) : 10 x 29 x 19
Std. Lens: Focus:
Zoom: Manual, 1.10:1
Throw Dist (m) : 1.5 - 10.3
Image Size (cm) : 102 - 762
Optional Lenses: No
Digital Zoom:      **
Digital Keystone: Vertical
Lens Shift: No
Warranty: 1 Year
H-Sync Range: 15.3 - 91.1kHz
V-Sync Range: 24 - 120Hz
3D Projector: 3D Ready
3D Glasses Type: Shutter
HDTV: 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60
EDTV/480p: Yes
SDTV/480i: Yes
Component Video: Yes
Video: Yes
Digital Input: HDMI
Computers: Yes
Display: Type:
2 cm DLP (1)
Color Wheel Segs:      **
Color Wheel Speed:      **
Native: 1280x720 Pixels
Maximum: 1600x1200 Pixels
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (HD)
Light Source: Type:
185W P-VIP
Life: 3000 hours
Eco-Mode Life: 4000 hours
Quantity: 1
Speakers: 2.0 W Mono
Max Power: 255W
Voltage: 100V - 240V
FCC Class: B
Special: 3D Projection
RS232 Port
Status: Shipping
First Ship: Dec 2009
     ** this item is either not applicable, unpublished, or unknown
The Optoma HD66 is manufactured by Optoma.


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